Regulatory Law for businesses

Health and Safety Law

Maureen is able to advise businesses whether small or large on Health and Safety matters at work.

All employers owe a duty of care to their employees and anyone else coming to their place of business and breach of Health and Safety regulations can cost a business thousands of pounds; ensure you instruct a specialist in this area of Law to protect your business.

We can assist with:

– Preparing Health and Safety Policies

– Provide training on Health and Safety regulations for your type of business

-Advise on dealing with Local Authorities and the HSE

-Attend PACE interviews with clients

-Negotiate with Local Authorities on behalf of your business

-Review of a business health and safety policy if the business has one.

-Representation at Court Hearings



Food Safety Law

Any business in the food and drink industry for instance Caterers, Restaurants, Take-away shops has a duty of care to its customers and members of the public to ensure that food is stored and prepared in accordance with the Food Safety Act and related Regulations. Fines in food safety matters can be very high stretching to £20,000 per offence in the Magistrates’ Court and unlimited fine in the Crown Court.

-Advice on Improvement and Prohibition Notices

-Advice or review of a business food safety policy

-Assistance with dealing with Local Authorities





Environmental Health Law

– (A) Business Waste issues

-Compliance with Environmental Health regulations

-Representation at Court for waste offences


(B) Statutory Nuisance

We will advise and represent your business on

-Noise abatement Notices

-Negotiating with the Council on behalf of your business.

-Represent your business at Court for Statutory Nuisance matters.




Licensing Law:

-Application for Premises Licence

-Application for Taxi and Operator’s licence

-Assistance with Licence Appeals – at Committee

-Representation in Licence Appeals at the Magistrates’ Court



Planning Enforcement

– Assistance with application for planning permission

-Negotiation with Council in regards to planning enforcement issues

-Assistance with Planning Enforcement prosecutions.




Trading Standards Law

–Advice on compliance and Trading Standards Law

-Assistance with Test purchase issues

-Representation at Court in prosecutions by the Council


Maureen will represent businesses in Court proceedings through one of the Law Firms she has a Consultancy Agreement with on a fee sharing basis.

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